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ABOUT US | BK Mobile Detailing & Automotive Ceramics 

Agriculture Coatings


Welcome to the very serious world of detailing cars. BK Mobile Detailing was created by a husband and wife team. Our mission is to destroy the exclusive price models for high-end coatings that are usually only reserved for exotic and highly customized cars. Here is what makes us unique.


  • BK Mobile Detailing is a mobile application that works on your property to avoid the inconvenience of driving your vehicle somewhere else.

  • We only use quality resources. We know that materials are one of the most important areas to never cut costs in.  The art of "shine" is a science that is applied with a high degree of skill. Quality resources are not only consistent, but they produce results that can be felt just as much as seen. We are licensed detailing professionals who use “Adam's Polishes”, and we exclusively use their products across all of the services we offer.

  • When we start your ceramic coat in the morning, and until the final coat has been applied late into the evening, you are our one and only priority for the day. We understand the importance of doing each job to total perfection the first time around. This allows us to always move on to the next vehicle, giving that evolution of shine the full attention it requires. The practice of "stacking up" cars and pumping jobs through in the constant pursuit of volume, will always sacrifice quality over time.  BK Mobile Detailing is not interested in sacrificing quality over anything. 

  • BK Mobile Detailing listens to the specific wants and needs of our customers, and we won't push you into a service that costs more unless we believe that it is the right solution for you.


Each car has a history, and a story to tell. The type of environments a vehicle has endured, as well as the quality of care it has received over the years, needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about what the best application is for that vehicle.  For this reason, BK Mobile Detailing is always happy to give you a free no-obligation quote.  

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